President Cup match play between US an Canada was played on the 6 and 7 day of September 2019 at the most prestige Blackstone Golf

Club in Marengo Illinois.  PAGC of Chicago was the main host and our President Adam Kieta was the US team Captain.

The festivities started on Thursday with match play between PGAC of Toronto and Polish American Golf Club Chicago. The final score was 4:3 in favor for PAGC Chicago.

PAGC Team ; Adam Kieta , Marek PLacek , Krzysztof Molski , Casy Budz , Lester Kwiecien , Mariusz Bugara , James Fenigan , Greg Adas , Kris Placek ,Ted Szuba , Mark Bidus , Ed Krawczyk , Marcin Skatulski and Zbyszek Kobylarczyk. 

First round of President Cup was played in format of better ball , and was won by US 7:0 .

The winning pairings for US :

Mark Bidus and Adam Kieta , Greg Zawadzki and Marek Binkowski , Chris Krzystyniak and Joe Basiorka 

Chris Kowal and Lester Kwiecien , Marek Placek and Kuba Miskiewicz , Marcin Szostak and Zbigniew Kobylarczyk , Adam Dziekonski and Zenek Piersa.

Second round was played in the format of  alternative shout , this time US won 4 1/2 to 2 1/5.

Points was won by teams of  Kuba Miskiewicz and Joe Basiorka , Mark Bidus and Casy Budz , Adam Dziekonski and Zenek Piersa , Lukasz Halupka and Bogdan Branas , Marcin Szostak and Lester Kwiecien. After 2 rounds of play, US was winning 11 1/2 to 2 1/2 .

Third round was played on Saturday September 7 in the format of individual match play . US team won 9:5 and all competition 20 1/2 to 7 1/2 . 

Individual matches was won by ; Greg Zawadzki , Mark Binkowski , Kuba Miskiewicz , Chris Kowal , Bogdan Branas , Zyggi Tyrala , Lester Kwiecien , Casy Budz , Jarek Wujkowski.

Congratulations to US Team for winning the President Cup for the second time.

At the end we would like to thank the Canadian golfers for the competition in a very friendly manner , you guys are first class, thank you , and hopefully we will play again in 2 years in Toronto.

President Cup competition was possible because the contributions from all US Clubs , PAGC , Podhale GC , Polonia GC , PAGC 0f Michigan , PAGA and UPGCA from New York. Thank You very much.

Last but not  list big thank you to people who coordinate the event and make it a success , Krzysztof Placek was the main coordinator  ( tee time reservations , lunches and award banquet after the game ) . Adam Kieta for organizing and hosting all golfers at his property after the match play . Thank you guys with out your efforts the event will not be so successful .