• April 1, Opening day Tournament hosted by Podhale GC

  • April 21 PAGC Spring Classic (major )

  • May 5     Podhale GC Spring Classic   (major)
  • May 27   Tournament hosted by PAGC
  • June 3    Tournament hosted by Podhale GC
  • June 23   Chicago Pol-AM Open by PAGC
  • July  15    Tournament hosted by Podhale GC
  • July 29    Tournament hosted by PAGC
  • August 4  Podhale Open    (major)
  • August 12  Tournament hosted by PAGC
  • September 2  Tournament hosted by Podhale GC
  • September 9 Tournament hosted by PAGC
  • September 20   Playoffs.

Polstar Chicago Golf Tour is organized by Podhale Golf Club together with PAGC , sponsored by Clarity Windows  INC. 

Tournaments will be held every 2 weeks until the end of the season, and we will alternate the locations between southside and northside locations.

The tour will start on Friday April 21 , 2023 at the annual PAGC Spring Classic Tournament, at Blackstone Golf Club in Marengo Il,  All tournaments except the majors will be held on Saturdays at 10.00 am. All majors will be played on Fridays. There will be 4 major tournaments, PAGC Spring Classic, Podhale Spring Classic, Pol-AM Open and Podhale Open.

The fee to join the Tour all participants will be charged $150.00, this will cover the coast of website and the scoring software, as well every tour member will receive a special golf polo shirt. This fee is separate from each club membership dues. Only active members in good standing of Podhale Golf Club and PAGC Golf Club can participate. If somebody is not a member in either Club, they are welcome to join PAGC or Podhale GC.

The main sponsor of the Tour in 2023 is Clarity Window INC. 

Winners of the Tour in gross , nett , and seniors (seniors age 58 and up) divisions will receive a voucher for the 2023 PAGC Open in Orlando Florida valued at $1,400 . ( the voucher has no cash value).

To make every round enjoyable for all golfers we will be playing around 6200 yards distance . To speed up the pace of play we will be playing out of bounce as a lateral hazard (stroke penalty no losing  distance).

In order to be able to play in the playoffs , golfers needs to participate at list in 2 majors and 6 regular tournaments. Points for major tournaments will be doubled. All points will be reset after the regular season .

To sign up for the Tour please contact Zyggie Tyrala from Podhale GC at 708-774-8561 or Mariusz Kwiatkowski from PAGC at 630-677-7803.  More info and the Tour website is coming soon.

Polstar Chicago Tour Registration