2019  PAGC , Polamer Cup Championship will be heald on Wednesday , October 9 , 2019 at Highlands of Elgin GC , first tee time at 10:50 am. Green fee $49.00 and for seniors over 62 $39.00 golf and cart.

Tour winners in gross and nett thanks to our sponsor Polamer , will get free entry to  our annual Winter Tournament in Orlando Florida on December 8-15 ,2019.

Please look at  the tour standings and check if you qualified for the final tournament (need to play in 6 events, all names in white qualified).  Points will be retest in two different ways. In gross we will use the Fedex Cup formula and for nett the old system with points.

First 8 golfers in gross will get extra stroke points and the rest of the group will start from  even.

In nett winner will get 2,500 points , next consecutive place will get  250 points less up to 10 place .

Foursomes will be assemble by the current Tour standing in gross and nett. 

We have reserved tee times for 28 golfers , please register asap.

Gross standing after reset 

  1. Kuba Miskiewicz   -10
  2. Marcin Szostak       -8
  3. Mark Bidus               -6
  4. Lester Kwiecien      -5
  5. Marek Placek          -4
  6. Zenek Piersa           -3
  7. Casy Budz                -2
  8. Stan Predki              -1

      Every one else will start with even score.


Congratulations to winners of 2019 PAGC Chicago Tour by POLAMER. 

Winner in gross Marek Bidus in nett Marek Placek and seniors Leszek Kwiecien.

Tour finals gross

Tour finals nett

Congratulations to Casy Budz for  winning the Chicago Match Play Championship .

2 nd place Zenek Piersa , 3rd place Joe Basiorka and 4th Jarek Wujkowski (all winners on the picture).