2019 Match Play Championship will start on May 22 ,2019 . Space is limited to 32 golfers .

All participants will be draw to a 4 men groups and play each other , after 3 matches group winners and 2 nd place will advanced to next round (single match elimination). Players ranking will be based on everyone handicap , so everybody will have a chance to win.

All participants will put $100.00 in to the money pool . All money will be paid to the winners for place 1-8 , also closest to pin and longest drive contest in the first round of play.

Please register asap , at the time of registration please indicate Match Play.

Defending Champion Lukasz Halupka  (on the picture with president of PAGC Adam Kieta)

Because we have only 28 players at the end of play we will be drawing 2 lucky losers from golfers who will play all 3 matches in their groups ,to complete the round of 16.

Congratulations to Casy Budz for winning 2019 PAGC Chicago Match Play Championship. Runner up Zenek Piersa , 3rd place Joe Basiorka and 4th jarek Wujkowski.

Match Play Groups

Group 1

Leszek Kwiecien  10

Krzysztof Molski 16

Ed Krawczyk    16

Stan Predki      14

Match #1

Stan Predki vs Leszek Kwiecien  1up

Ed Krawczyk vs Krzysztof Molski  7&6

Krzysztof Molski vs Stan Predki   3&2

Ed Krawczyk vs Lester Kwiecien   1up

Lester Kwiecien vs Krzysztof Molski  2up

Ed Krawczyk vs Stan Predki   3 & 2

Group 2

Jarek Wujkowski  9

Jarek Jastrzebski  27

Adam Dziekonski   15

Marcin Skatulski   18

Match #2

Adam Dziekonski vs Jarek Jastrzebski 1up

Jarek Wujkowski vs Marcin Skatulski   2up

Jarek Wujkowski vs Adam Dziekonski   3 & 2

Marcin Skatulski vs  Jarek Jastrzebski  8 & 7

Marcin Skatulski vs Adam Dziekonski  3& 2

Jarek Wujkowski vs Jarek Jastrzebski Sq

Group # 3

Casy Budz 10

Waldek Czerpak  15

Mark Gandor     25

Marek Placek     12

Match #3

Marek Placek vs Casy Budz  1up

Waldek Czerpak vs Mark Gandor   1up

Casy Budz vs Waldek Czerpak 2&1

Marek Placek  vs Marek Gandor 1up

Casy Budz vs Mark Gandor 3 & 2

Marek Placek  vs Waldek Czerpak 1up

Group # 4

Zenek Piersa  10

Kris Placek     15

Cezary Romejko  16

Mariusz Bugara   16

Match # 4

Zenek Piersa vs Mariusz Bugara   4&3

Cezary Romrjko  vs Kris Placek    3 & 2

Zenek Piersa vs Cezary Romejko 3&2

Mariusz Bugara vs Kris Placek    2 & 1

Mariusz Bugara vs Cezary Romejko  2 & 1

Kris Placek vs Zenek Piersa     1 Up

Group # 5

Lukasz Halupka  10

Zyszek Kobylarczyk 15

Wiesiek Kaleniak     12

Alfred Kaczmarek    17

Match # 5

Zb. Kobylarczyk  vs Wieslaw Kaleniak  1up

Lukasz Halupka vs Alfred Kaczmarek  3 &2

Zb.Kobylarcvzyk vs Alfred Kaczmarek 1up

Wieslaw Kaleniak vs Lukas Halupka   5 & 4

Lukas Halupka vs Zb. Kobylarczyk      4 & 3

Wieslaw Kaleniak vs Alfred Kaczmarek 1up

Group # 6

Matt Placek  10

Adam Kieta   14

Joe Tokarczyk  12

Ted Szuba      14

Match #6

Joe Tokarczyk vs Ted Szuba   2up

Matt Placek vs Adam Kieta   3 & 2

Joe Tokarczyk vs Adam Kieta  2 & 1

Matt Placek vs Ted Szuba       2& 1

Adam Kieta vs Ted Szuba         sq

Matt Placek vs Joe Tokarczyk sq

Group #7

Joe Basiorka  8

Joe Lisiecki   21

Greg Handzel  18

Tony Kubon 17

Match # 7

Greg Handzel vs Joe Lisiecki  2up

Joe Basiorka vs Toni Kubon  5 & 4

Toni Kubon vs Joe Lisiecki 1up

Greg Handzel  vs Joe Basiorka  1 up

Greg Handzel vs Tony Kubon   1 up

Joe Lisiecki vs Joe Basiorka   3 & 2

All players who have not finish group matches please do so by July 28 , 2019. we need to go ashed with the Round of 16 asap to be able to finish the Match Play on time. Pleas schedule the postponed matches with your competitors.let us know of the results asap.