2020 Annual Wisconsin Dells tournament will be heald on August 1 and 2. We  will be playing 2 rounds of golf starting on Saturday August 1 at Lake Arrowhead Resort , The Lake Course first tee time at 8:30 am . 2nd round will be played at Wild Rock Golf Course at Wilderness Resort , first tee time at 11:50 am . We have reserved 16 tee times , please register asap to secure the spot. Tournament format will be the same like last two years , first round we will count team & individual score , 2nd round individual scores . Total coast green fee only . List is full.

Congratulation to Marcin Szostak for winning the Dells Tournament , 2nd place Mark Bidus ,3rd place Marek Placek. 

Big thank you to Adam Kieta and Krzysztof Molski for hosting our group , we really appreciate it.