Final round of 2018 Match Play Championship will be heald on October 3 , 2018 at Thunder Hawk GC in Beach Park Il.

Final match will be played between Lukas Halupka and Adam Dziekonski and 3rd place match between Kayle Parker and Ed Krawczyk .

We reserved 2 additional tee times , anybody interested to play please register asap , if more tee times is needed we can add more by October 1 .

First tee time at 1:00 pm , green fee $70.00.

Turnament Registration Form

Congratulations to our Club members Marek Placek and Krzysztof Molski for winning group A  Zbigniew Kopbylarczyk   for a 2 place in group B and Cezary Romejko 3rd place in group B at the 2 annual Michigan Open  in Washington MI , September 29-30 2018.

Registered players

  1. Lukas Halupka
  2. Adam Dziekonski
  3. Ed Krawczyk
  4. Kris Placek
  5. Adam Kieta
  6. Zb. Kobylarczyk
  7. Marek Placek
  8. Mariusz Bugara
  9. Jarek Wujkowski
  10. Jarek Jastrzebski
  11. Matt Placek
  12. Lester Kwiecien