2018 PAGC Match Play Championship first round will be played at Highland of Elgin Golf Club in Elgin Il. on May 23 , 2018

First tee time at 2:20 pm.

Every participant will put $100.00 in to money pool . All pool money will be paid to the winners (depends how much will be collected).


All participants will be draw to a 4 men groups and play each other , after 3 matches  group winners and 2nd place will  advance to next round.

We will have 7 groups  of 4 players and one group of 6 players , at the drawing will be determent who will be in the 6 man group.


All golfers will be assigned handicap index so everybody will have an even chance to win.

Next round will be played on August 21, 2018

Match play finals will be heald on October 3 ,2018 at Thanderhawk GC 

First place match  Lukas Halupka   vs  Adam Dziekonski.

Third place match    Kayle Parker   vs    Ed Krawczyk.

First tee time at 12 pm

To All participants in Match Play


In order to finish the match play we will play on 08/21/2018 two rounds starting at 8.00 first tee time. Drawing will be held at the golf course at 7.30 am. We will have 24 players playing ( 3 from each group) in the next  round.This will be elimination system. After this round is finish we will draw 4 more lucky losers to play in the afternoon round of 16. Drawing for all round will be at random no more ranking.  IF ANY PLAYER CAN’T MAKE THIS TEE TIME HE WILL BE DROPPED FOR THE NEXT PLAYER ON THE LIST FROM HIS GROUP NO EXEMPTION WILL BE MADE NO RESCHEDULING SINCE WE ARE PLAYING TWO GAMES. IF YOU CANT MAKE YOUR TEE TIME YOU NEED TO NOTIFY PAGC GOLF CLUB AT 224 216 8455( Kris) OTHERWISE WE WILL HAVE TO CHARGE THE PLAYER GREENS FEE OF $89.00 NO EXEMPTION !  
List of players for 08/21/2018 8am    1.Adam Dziekonski, 2.Richard Adas, 3.Jarek Wujkowski, 4.Lester Kwiecien, 5.Marcin Szostak, 6.Kris Placek, 7.Marian Flis, 8.Mariusz Bugara, 9. Mateusz Placek, 10.Kris Molski, 11.Kayle Parker, 12.Stan Predki, 13.Lukasz Halupka, 14. Marek Placek, 15. Waldemar Dzierzanowski, 16.Joe Basiorka, 17.John Makowski, 18.Ed Krawczyk, 19.Cezary Romejko, 20. Zbigniew Kobylarczyk, 21.Tony Kubon, 22.Greg Handzel, 23.Ted Szuba, 24.James Fenigan.

Congratulations to Lukas Halupka and Adam Dziekonski for reaching the finals in match play.